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SPACES has all you need to quickly spin out your own corner of the metaverse, invite guests and explore a new digital world together.


Check out the latest events happening in the Everdome SPACES community.
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Virtual Journey by Chris Metaverse

Start: GMT+0 7:45 PM 28.11.2023

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The Art of Banksy - Around the World

Start: GMT+0 10:30 AM 27.11.2023

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AI Art - Inspired by Everdome

Start: GMT+0 9:15 PM 27.11.2023

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Top 10 NFTs - A Retrospective

Start: GMT+0 9:45 PM 27.11.2023

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The Story of Everdome's Journey To Mars

Start: GMT+0 1:45 PM 24.10.2023

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The Great History of GO

Start: GMT+0 8:45 PM 25.10.2023



    SPACES is an ideal metaverse showcase for web3 creators, community leaders, businesses and individual digital natives.